Web Design & Development

website templates. We work with you to create a custom masterpiece.

Code for Next Generation Development

Increase the bottom line of your business, get your website professionally built using creative web-designs. Aside from operating as a point of service, your web presence is critical for your brand. Begin with an expert team that understands exactly what you require to move forward.


Our Design Process


First Step

Research and Analyses

Obtaining all pertinent information regarding the project from the client. Further, analyzing existing problems and solutions in your particular niche or industry, define your product’s unique value proposition, and learn about your customer segments.


Second Step

Sketch and Design

A deep understanding of a project’s goals is key to successful design and development. Hence, focusing on your business objectives we create multiple mockups of the website, along with the suggested logo and artwork.


Third Step

Develop and Test

This is where our developers originate your entire website and optimize it for ultimate levels of speed. We run the completed project through a series of system and UI tests before the final version is presented to you. And After running the final tests, we deliver the project to you.

Flat, Lightweight & Responsive Designs

The term “flat, lightweight, and responsive” refers to the concept of designing a website in such a way that the layout can be changed in response to the user’s PC screen motion. We take pride in our ability to create Flat, Lightweight, and Responsive Designs. We make every effort to ensure that our entire team is well-versed in the latest Flat, Lightweight, and Responsive Design functionality.

Custom Web Design

We develop eye-catching visuals that compel people to admire your brand. Our designs are always distinctive, unique, and personalized, as well as mobile-friendly. User research is followed by wire framing and the development of high-fidelity clickthrough designs in our design process.

Html5, Css3 and retina design

Ozbix develops responsive HTML5, CSS3, and Retina Ready Designs that are personalized to your business model. They are designed to be extremely clean, with a user-friendly framework that helps the website stand out. The layout is also compatible with retina displays.

Content management system

Four content management system enables users to update a website even if they are unfamiliar with web languages or HTML. We provide a panel wherein the user may pick a task to execute. If you want to update the content of any page on your website, our Content Management System will provide you a window where you may change the content and preview the changes you’ve made. After you approve the changes, they will go live on the user’s website right away.

Custom web development

To create digital advances, we use bespoke code. Our software engineers have extensive experience developing platforms such as AirBNB and Ebay. We know what it takes to establish a platform like AirBNB since we’ve built our own unique apps. We are the appropriate partner for you if you want to build anything on a global scale.


Graphics, links, and data may all be extracted from a web or site using our personalized Web Crawler. Our experts can collaborate with you to create web applications that improve your website, integrate with your business, and make it more functional for both your visitors and your business.