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What type of product photography can you shoot?

We can photograph any type of product for just $9.95 a photo pack—whether that’s watches, apparel, or beauty products. We offer product photos that are optimized for selling on websites or marketplaces such as Amazon. All images are delivered as JPGs on crisp white backgrounds and as transparent PNGs. Ready to try us out? Just click here to place your order.

Do I need to be a Square customer to use this service?

Nope. Anyone can use Square Photo Studio. If you don’t have a Square account, we will ask you to activate one to download your product photos and check your order status. Please note that at this time our professional product photography service is not available to international customers.

What is a 360 photo and how can I use them?

A 360 photo is interactive product photography that shoppers on your website can click, drag, zoom in, and see multiple angles and close-ups of a product.

When you order a 360 photo, here’s what happens: once we receive your product, our robotic camera shoots 24 images of it as it makes a complete, 360-degree spin. Those product photos are then converted into a .spin file. You’ll receive a link to a hosted .spin file with the 360 photo of your product and embed code for a hosted .spin file.

If you have Square Online, you can copy and paste your link directly to your product page. If you are not using Square Online, we suggest you embed the file on your page by following your site provider’s instructions.

Can you tell me more about how you shoot apparel?

For apparel, we shoot all items on ghost mannequins. We can shoot flat lay as requested but this must be included in your initial order notes. If your clothing is unisex, please specify whether you want your apparel shot on a male or female mannequin. Each seller is different and it’s hard for our photographers to know the details of your product. If you have specific requests about the fit of the clothing, please include them in your initial order notes.

For sizes, please send us mediums. Sizes that are too large or too small will not fit or fit awkwardly on the mannequins’ body. For children’s clothing, we have an age 7 mannequin. If your items don’t fit our mannequins, we’ll either request alternate sizes or shoot flat lay by default. We do not have maternity or plus-size mannequins.

When will you ship my items back?

After delivering your product photos, we’ll wait up to 7 days for any feedback or adjustments. After 7 days, we’ll either ship your products back or donate them, depending on what you selected at checkout. If you want to order additional images of a product we already have, please let us know within 7 days.